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About Us

Minoti is an International family owned fashion brand/distributor of children’s apparel with a strong foundation, founded in 1997 in Manchester, UK.

We have become a leading provider/fashion label/ brand of childrenswear around the UK and worldwide. We sell our wide range of products through multi channel retail and wholesale operations in the UK and through franchise operations across our international markets in Europe, USA, Middle East, Central and South America, Asia and Australia.

Over the years Minoti has extended its customer base worldwide and asserted its role in the market as a reliable leader in children’s apparel and earned its reputation as an international benchmark for cool casual children’s clothing.

Minoti has a sister brand called Babaluno by Minoti which caters for babies, the age group is NB-24mths.

At Minoti we are committed to ensure that the manufacture of all our products is performed in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility. Our main sources are China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

The Minoti collection adopts the latest fashion tendencies and is presented in different looks all the way from casual to party. We strive to create a diverse collection so that every child will find garments which will match their style and personality, all collections can be combined with different accessories and shoes. We like to inspire customers to make more conscious choices by offering more sustainable products aswell as up-to-date fashion trends to keep up with the consumers demand and getting the latest designs into store.

Minoti focuses on latest trends, innovation and style, providing high fashion at an affordable cost, making its customers purchases value-worthy, capturing market trends and newness in colour, fabrics and shapes. We are passionate about kids clothing, making them look and feel great and creating style and individualism.

We feel our success is based on high quality and fashion at its finest. Minoti is evolving and breaking ground in new areas. We are broadening our collection in swimwear, nightwear, accessories and footwear. Minoti’s aspiration is to be the best children’s fashion brand with outstanding price value proposition.

Over recent years we have begun to build a collection of Minoti stores, the stores present the entire Minoti range, which showcases the diversity of the fashion and trends in a coordinated way. We have 4 stores based in the UK and a growing numbers of stores worldwide. Our plan is to be opening more stores each coming year. Our aim is to have 200 stores worldwide by 2020.

Our brand is available online, in stores and department stores across the uk and worldwide. The newly designed and optimised Minoti website which will increase accessibility to its customers, allowing them to make purchases conveniently on the go.

We will continue to strive for a sustainable development in the fashion industry. Fast fashion, creativity, flexibility, quality design and rapid turnaround are all part of Minoti’s approach to further expansion.

Our Vision

To be the leading global designer and retailer of innovative children’s fashion, specialising in all aspects of kids clothing.

Innovation and style is a fundamental part of the Minoti philosophy and our objective is to create high quality garments whilst maintaining our principles of high fashion and higher value.

Minoti are committed to satisfying the desires of its customers, to constantly evolve our product and our promise is to continue to provide our customers with the latest styles, from the best fabrics with the best possible value.

Our Brand

Minoti is a unique brand for unique kids, we provide quality apparel that combines modern designs and authentic details. The ranges are diverse and cover all fashion needs for kids, the width and variety of the Minoti collections mean customers can always find something to suit their style and their wardrobe. We offer everything from casualwear to partywear for the style conscious kids.

Our designs are inspiring and imaginative with an edge, combining unique style & classic pieces, vibrant colours and statement prints whilst remembering that kids should be kids. We also pride ourselves on being sustainable, durable, of high quality and functional.

Minoti collections offer high quality, fun and eclectic fashion pieces that are perfect for the stylish youth of today /for girls and boys of all ages. Modern classics, smart preppy style, versatile designs, urban-cool looks and easy to wear staples characterise Minoti’s new collections. This season, girls will love the pretty dresses & tutus whilst boys can look just like dad with smart chinos and cool tees.

The Minoti child is carefree, adventurous and above all, stylish with an in built swagger and ice cool style.

At Minoti creativity is king!


Babaluno create adorable baby collections catering for newborn-24mths, Babaluno believe in combining everyday comfort with delicate style. The newborn ranges feature everything newborns and babies need in order to be comfortable and look cute at the same time and also have a marvelous mini-me look.

The season’s collections consist of thoughtful designs, with a touch of current trends, gorgeous detailing, quality materials and construction, they combine cool and casual designs, incorporating fun outfits for boys and pretty dresses for girls. They have the same standards as Minoti, maintaining high quality clothing for your little ones at exceptional value.

Babaluno are well loved for their fun and stylish designs, they offer all the clothing babies need to take them through the best of their younger years, they are fun, easy to wear, accessible and standout pieces which will inject style into the wardrobe of little ones.